Awesoos at Phoenix Comicon 2013

The team at Awesoos brought their Mobile Studio Kit to the crowds at the 2013 Phoenix Comicon, with a set and props right out of an old-school beat-‘em-up video game. The pop-up studio was a popular destination at the convention, attracting hundreds of cosplayers, fanboys and girls, and others who were eager to have studio-quality photos taken of them in the middle of some Battlefrakkin’ action!


Project Pawprint Greens UA Homecoming

Project Pawprint used innovative research and student engagement to enhance the sustainability of the biggest UA event held every year: Homecoming. During Homecoming 2012, students involved in Project Pawprint collected baseline data related to the environmental impact of the event’s energy usage, travel and accommodations, food and materials. For Homecoming 2013, they used that data to reduce the impact by setting up more carpooling and public transportation options and helping food vendors switch from Styrofoam to paper plates so that composting could be an option.


Slow Motion Wedding Booth: Adam & Casandra

Have you seen this slow motion wedding video by Seattle based production team Super Frog Saves Tokyo?

We can’t resist an experiment so once we saw this we had to try it out. We teamed up with our friends at Awesoos and a wonderful couple named Adam and Cassandra to shoot some slow-mo video at their reception. We rented a Sony FS700, set up a portable studio at the event, and invited guests to share in the fun.

If you are interested in trying to set up your own slow motion photo booth SFST shared a very helpful tutorial here:


Product Photography: Handmade Fishing Lures by Taylor Ryan

Taylor came down to our studio from Phoenix with more than 60 handmade fishing lures he painstakingly designed and painted over the last year. A tattoo artist by trade, Taylor creates an aesthetic that is likely a little unusual to the average fly fisherman, but none the less alluring to any discerning salmon, trout, or three-spined stickleback. It was a pleasure to shoot such ornate objects on so small a scale and we’re really pleased with the results. Product photography can be challenging, but with Taylor’s beautiful, tattoo-inspired creations, we had no trouble accentuating what makes them unique and desirable.